Here’s a new 2017 Gibson Custom Shop 1959 Les Paul Standard reissue. Lots of intrigue over the historic series this year … apparently it has been decreed by a certain CEO that nothing this year can be officially known as “historic.” Let’s just call it the Hysteric Series. The rumor is a number of these guitars were partially built with the more expensive True Hysteric specs, then the run was killed, so the guitars were released as regular Hysterics — at about $2000 less.

Best evidence that something was afoot is probably the gold mother of pearl in the Gibson headstock logo which is not normally seen on a regular R9 but you will find that golder inlay  on the pictures on Gibson’s website for the True Historic. Here it is compared to a 2016 R8. There are other subtle differences. The red is a little darker, poker chip is different, plastics are a little less white, etc.

The “R” was removed from the serial number, so we are back to the 9 XXXX style of past years. Whatever it is, or was, it’s a real nice R9. Good looking top, VOS finish, great tone.  Have yet to see any other lefties.

The guitar has Custom Bucker pickups, Bumblebee caps, Kluson deluxe tuning keys and historic Lifton style case with all case candy, and certificate of authenticity. Weight is an ounce under 8 3/4 pounds of historic Gibson tone.

Condition: New; Body: Mahogany; Color: Washed cherry VOS; Pickups: Custom Buckers; Scale: 24.75; Weight: 8 pounds, 11 ounces; Price: $6799 $5995