About Lefty Guitars Only

Lefty Guitars Only is an authorized dealer for Blackbird, Collings, Duesenberg USA, Fender Custom Shop, Froggy Bottom Guitars, Huss and Dalton, George Lowden Guitars, Gretsch, National Resophonic, Paul Reed Smith, PRS Private Stock, Santa Cruz Guitar Company, Scott Walker Guitars and James Trussart Custom Guitars.

Forty years ago, I picked up an old nylon-string classical guitar that had been gathering dust in our house in New York. Instinctively, I picked it up left-handed. I immediately figured out an approximation of a G chord and was hooked.

Like many of you, I’ve spent my life envying right-handed players who can walk into a large music store and choose between dozens of high-end instruments, while we are lucky to find a $200 lefty Fender hanging next to all those Martins and Gibsons. A 2011 trip to New York City and a visit to a dozen music stores yielded exactly two Martin guitars in a cramped, crowded store, with no opportunity to evaluate the instruments. There had to be a better way.

I’m an authorized dealer for some builders lefties are familiar with, and I want to introduce some new luthiers to my fellow lefties. I’m starting out small, but hope to grow. The way I see it, the more lefty instruments that are built and available to the community, the better off we all are. The guitars live in a secure climate and humidity controlled space.

Since opening the doors in late 2011, I’ve provided thousands of lefties to satisfied customers worldwide, and made a lot of friends in the process.

In my spare time, I am the creative director for a non-profit cooking magazine for kids called ChopChop, I write and record original music, and, for fun, play lead guitar in a Boston band. Guitars have always been a part of my life, and I hope I can help find you an instrument to enhance yours. – Best, Vic

Onstage with my Grateful Dead band, Playing Dead, in Boston, and a custom built Tiger guitar.