Lefty Guitars Only has the following
lefthanded instruments coming soon:

B&G Guitars:
Crossroads Little Sisters (arrived)

01 sunburst (July)
D2H (June)
001 mh mahogany (August)
OM2H (October)
OM1 Julian Lage (September)

Electrics (colors can be changed before build begins):
City Limits iced tea Throbaks (October)
290 DC doghair pearl guard/headstock (October)
290 DC TV yellow tortoise (October)
290 DC TV yellow tortoise (December)
Statesman LC walnut (April)
Statesman LC iced tea (July)
Statesman LC walnut (August)
Statesman LC faded cherry (December)
Statesman LC walnut (March 2020)
I-30 LC tobacco burst (April)
I-35 LC walnut  (April)
I-30 LC tobacco (June)
I-35 LC faded cherry (July)
I-30 LC walnut (October)
I-35 Deluxe tobacco burst (SOLD)
I-35 LC tobacco (November)
I-30 LC iced tea (November)
I-35 LC tobacco (December)
I-30 LC tobacco (January 2020)
I-35 LC faded cherry (February 2020)
I-30 LC walnut (April 2020)
I-35 LC walnut (May 2020)

Waterloo by Collings:
WL-14 sunburst (low profile neck) (July) SOLD
WL-12 maple black top

Fairytale lap steels (righty but can be converted)

Fender: We can order anything from Fender, amps, guitars, basses
Mod Shop Jazzmasters, Teles and Strats
American Pro Strats, Teles, Jazzmasters
Original 50s Strat, Tele and Original 60s Strat
American Pro Jazz and Precision basses
American Pro Jazzmasters, olympic white (rosewood), candy apple red (rosewood), 3-tone burst (rosewood) February

Fender Custom Shop: We can custom order anything from the Fender Custom Shop

59 Tele light relic shoreline gold
Clapton “Blackie” signature Strat NOS
50s Jazzmaster light relic aged daphne blue
50s Jazzmaster light relic desert sand
53 Tele heavy relic aged copper
61 Tele relic aged Lake Placid blue
57 Vintage Custom Strat aged white blonde
58 Vintage Custom 58 Tele Thinline aged white blonde
50 Vintage Custom double Esquire nocaster blonde
LTD Big Head Strat faded candy apple red light relic
LTD 60 Roasted Strat heavy relic faded fiesta red
LTD Loaded Nocaster relic natural
LTD 51 Tele humbucker relic nocaster blonde
59 Strat heavy relic aged daphne blue
67 Strat relic faded seafoam green
52 Tele relic nocaster blonde
52 Tele light relic nocaster blonde
LTD 68 Strat relic pink paisley
LTD 68 Strat relic black paisley
58 Strat heavy relic HLE gold
60s rosewood Tele SOLD
51 Nocaster light relic blonde
51 Nocaster relic blonde
LTD Tomatillo Strat light relic super faded sonic blue
50s Double Esquire relic blonde
LTD Double Esquire relic aztec gold

Froggy Bottom Guitars:
M Deluxe adirondack/EI rosewood #5 inlays

Huss and Dalton:
T-0014 grenadilla

023 SOLD

National Resophonic:
M1 Tricone

Paul Reed Smith: PRS amps and speaker cabinets are also available by order.

PRS Private Stock guitars (most models can be ordered)
McCarty 594 singlecut burl maple/black limba
McCarty 594 burl maple/black limba SOLD
Hollowbody 2 northern lights
McCarty 594 soapbar seafoam fade SOLD

Rick Turner
RS6-STD 1 3/4 nut redwood top

Santa Cruz Guitar Company:
1929 00 hide glue sunburst cowboy rope binding

Scott Walker Guitars

James Trussart: