I am really impressed with these acoustic amps from AER … they are small, powerful, versatile … everything you want in an amp. The Compact TE is the signature amp made for virtuoso guitarist Tommy Emmanuel, featuring signature engravings and Tommy’s preferred reverb/delay modeled after his Alesis Midiverb II. Based on the Compact 60, which is AER’s biggest seller, just 14 pounds, comes with a padded carrying case, two independent channels, digital effects, mic preamp, versatile outputs and signal processing. Very quiet amp and very musical in its response, with useful tone controls. Pan the effects to set the balance on either channel, put a mic in one and your guitar in the other, send the mix to the front of house system or just play through the amp itself, easily powerful enough to handle a small gig. Equally at home with acoustic instruments and keyboards, even electric guitars with modeling preamps.

8″ twin-cone speaker, 2 channels, 2 inputs, 3- & 2-band EQ, “Colour” control, 4 digital effect presets (3 reverb, chorus), 12 mm Birch plywood cabinet (black), Includes padded gig bag, Weight: 14.3 lb (6.5 kg)