Here’s an as-new Collings 360 LT M guitar in a special order shell pink finish, alder body, curly maple neck, mint green pickguard, Lollar JazzMaster pickups and the outstanding Mastery offset vibrato and bridge. This was ordered with  a custom stout neck carve that is larger than the standard neck (.900 at the nut instead of the standard .865).

As Collings says:

“Our versatile 360 offset body shape has lent itself to several different adaptations since it’s inception in 2009. In this latest incarnation, we are delighted to be working with our innovative friends at Mastery, makers of cutting edge hardware components for offset-style guitars. We’ve paired their remarkable offset bridge and vibrato with a solid ash (or alder) body and a maple neck to gain a further tonal foothold in the offset guitar sonic pallet.  While firmly grounded in the iconic sounds of the offset guitar world, we’ve integrated a set neck and short scale length into the formula, delivering a resonance and feel that is distinctly Collings.” Serial # 360023827

Condition: Near mint; Body: Alder; Neck: Custom carve, rosewood fingerboard, 12 radius; Color: Shell pink; Pickups: Lollar JazzMaster; Scale: 24 7/8