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Here’s a new Collings I-30 LC in a beautiful custom metallic Pelham blue. Crazy light, under 5 1/2 pounds. Wonderful guitars, light as feathers, with true hollow construction and trestle bracing. C shape neck profile. Same size as the venerable I-35 — slightly smaller and more comfortable than an ES-335. They just don’t get any better. Lifetime warranty from Collings and a deluxe Ameritage hardshell case. SN# I30LC23676

Collings sez:

Our goal for the I-30 LC was to take the concept of a double cutaway, fully-hollow, P90 equipped guitar and refine it to the extent that it offers something truly new for today’s players. The result is one of the most acoustically responsive and versatile electric guitars we have ever offered. The lightweight, “trestle” braced body of the I-30 LC has been refined through extensive R&D, and is the distillation of knowledge gleaned from our popular I-35 and Statesman LC series. The trestle brace design directly couples the neck and tail block, creating exceptional strength and acoustical energy transference, while also allowing for a lightness and responsiveness that is both a tactile and musical joy to experience/ Playing the I-30 LC, you can easily feel the acoustic energy travel through the symmetric arches and re-curves of the top and back. These plates have been custom laminated and voiced for a tonality that is acoustic guitar-like in its resonance and dynamic response, but focused and feedback resistant enough to be utilized in jazz, blues, rock n’ roll and many other styles. Our new custom designed trapeze tailpiece provides just the right amount of “give” for a relaxed string feel and effortless playability. Lollar Dog Ear P90s are perfectly matched to the instrument’s acoustic response and offer a wide palette of tones from rich jazzy warmth to 1960’s British Invasion style chime. Drawing its inspiration from both classic electric designs and our own previous models, the I-30 LC is an exciting step forward and an intriguing new Collings sound.

Condition: New; Body: Maple laminate; Neck: Mahogany, rosewood fretboard, 12 radius; Nut: 1 11/16; Color: Pelham blue; Pickups: Lollar Dog Ear P-90s; Scale: 24 7/8; Orientation: Lefthanded (of course)