*** ON HOLD ***

Here’s a gently used 2016 Duesenberg 49er in near mint condition. Terrific guitar, original hardshell case. See below. Slim, comfortable neck carve.

This guitar impressed the heck out of me. Set neck, carved top and the combination of the P90 and the humbucker is a total winner, especially in the middle position. The feel and playability is second to none. Pure rock and roll. As Duesenberg says:

“The 49er guitar has been built to take center stage with some of the great guitars from the early fifties.  The goal was to build a guitar that would meet Duesenberg’s already high expectations and yet feel right at home in the hands of our legendary friends. The combination of engineering and wood selection along with our Duesenberg pick-ups has allowed the new 49er to join the other unrivaled guitars found in the Duesenberg line.  With an arched top and the fine lines that the 49er delivers, you can see why Duesenberg’s 49er has already landed in the hands of guitar heroes.”

Impeccable build, high-quality case.

Condition: Near-mint; Body: Maple top, mahogany body; Color: Black with cream bindings; Pickups: Duesenberg humbucker and P-90; Scale: 25.6