A new lefty offering from Duesenberg is always good news. A full-sized guitar, with set neck, semi-hollow with sustain block and F-holes, and the usual combination of their Domino P90 and the Grand Vintage humbucker is a total winner. This guitar has a nice visual twist with the matching Phonic pickup covers, but also an tonal twist with a 4 way rotary switch that gives you four distinct tones.  The feel and playability is second to none. Beautiful deep Catalina green sparkle finish. As Duesenberg says:

“The Gran Majesto’s 45mm sides and semi-hollow construction, featuring a solid centerblock, provide you with typical Duesenberg flexibility from clean to rock tones and even further. Our new open style tuners allow for smooth tuning and weight reduction on the headstock and the new Phonico pickup line is love for both your ears and your eyes.  Additionally, the Gran Majesto features twin F-holes, a floating pickguard and our new 4-way rotary switch which adds a new variation to the way we combine pickups.  ”

With Duesenberg’s typical impeccable build and high-quality case.

Condition: New; Body: Spruce top, laminated maple; Color: Catalina Green; Pickups: Duesenberg humbucker and P-90; Scale: 25.5; Radius: 12 List price: $4000