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60 Roasted Strat


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The  Limited Edition ’60 Roasted Stratocaster Heavy Relic in Aged Faded Fiesta Red is the latest limited run offering from Fender’s most elite guitar builders. Pairing a unique roasted ash body with a distinctive roasted maple neck and a heavy relic finish, the Fender Custom Shop Limited Edition ’60 Roasted Strat combines the look and feel of one of Fender’s Golden Era vintage instruments with all the playability, tonality and versatility you need from a modern guitar.

The Limited Edition ’60 Roasted Stratocaster sports a roasted maple neck is a mid 60’s oval C profile which gives an immediately comfortable and familiar feel and is finished with a slab rosewood fingerboard, just like a 1960 model would have been. However, the 12″ fingerboard radius on this Custom Shop Strat offers a much more modern feel and playing experience, giving you all the room you need for bigger bends and easy fretting, whilst retaining a great vintage ‘C’ feel.

The body is fitted with three hand wound Custom Shop Ancho Poblano Single-Coil pickups. The Ancho Poblano pickups are a relatively new offering on Custom Shop instruments, and offer a hotter, overwound tone compared to traditional vintage wind pickups, without compromising on the nuance and note definition. The middle pickup is Reverse Wound Reverse Polarity, allowing for hum-cancelling in positions two and four of the five way selector switch.

The  Limited Edition ’60 Roasted Strat Heavy Relic in Aged Faded Fiesta Red includes a hard case and limited edition Custom Shop certificate of authenticity.

Condition: New (heavy relic); Body: Alder; Neck: roasted maple, 60s oval carve, 12 radius; Nut: 1.650; Color: aged daphne blue; Pickups: handwound Ancho Poblano; Scale: 25.5; Orientation: Lefthanded (of course)

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