2003 R6 Brazilian


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Here is a very rare and collectible 2003 Gibson Custom Shop Historic 56 Les Paul reissue, with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard. In 2003 Gibson built a number of Historics with Brazilian fretboards … it goes without saying that very few of these were built lefthanded. I have only seen a handful of lefty Historics out there, this is the only lefty R6 that I have come across. This one-owner guitar was bought new from the (former and greatly missed) Music Machine in Washington state, known for speccing and picking the very best Historics. The guitar is in terrific condition, except for some light buckle rash on the back (nothing through the finish). Top looks brand new, the guitar plays beautifully. With original case and all the extra case candy these guitars came with back in 2003, but the COA is missing. I did, however, verify the serial number with Gibson. Great change to own a very rare Les Paul at not much more than a new R6 runs these days.

Condition: Excellent; Body: Mahogany, carved maple top; Color: Gold top; Pickups: P90; Scale: 24.75

Out of stock

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