This is a rare lefthanded 2015 Gibson Custom Shop Historic Select 59 Les Paul, one of just a handful built. These guitars were $9000 when new, they had largely True Historic specs, in fact, they were begun as True Historic builds. These guitars have special genuine aniline dyed backs and necks, which really makes the grain rich and distinctive. They also bleed like crazy into the fretboard binding, just like the real ones did. You can wear it off by playing for many, many hours, or mask the guitar and put it in the sun for a day and it will fade back to ivory, but I’d leave it just like it is. These guitars have distinctive VOS finishes, with a dark area at the pickup selector and very little red in the burst at the bottom of the body. Very lightweight — the lightest R9 I’ve seen — at just over 7 3/4 pounds. Great top on this guitar, comfortable 59 neck carve, thin finish, hide glue, special plastics, gold mother of pearl Gibson logo, all the goodies. The guitar was upgraded with Faber hardware and a set of Manilishi PAF pickups, with the Peter Green mod. Bridge and neck on their own sound like great PAFs. In the middle position with both volumes dimed, the guitar is out of phase for Green’s signature sound. Roll back one pickup a tiny bit and you have traditional PAF middle position tone. More on those pickups here: Manalishi pickups. Great guitar. Just look at that top. With Historic case and certificate of authenticity.

Condition: Excellent; Body: Mahogany; Color: Washed cherry VOS custom burst; Pickups: Manilishi PAF; Scale: 24.75; Weight: just over 7 3/4 pounds; original list $9000.