Here’s a deal for you … this 2023 Gibson Custom Shop Historic R0 (1960 reissue) Les Paul arrived new from the factory with a cracked headstock. Ouch. Anyone who’s shipped Les Pauls knows the headstock joint is notorious for breaking during shipping mishaps. The good news on this one was it was a crack, not a break, and the neck still held string tension and was perfectly playable. The guitar was taken to the best luthier in Boston, aptly titled Broken Neck Guitars, who also happens to be an authorized Gibson repair facility. The crack was reinforced, and the guitar is fine now. Slight visible line where the repair was made. A high quality left wiring harness has been installed, as Historic Gibsons come with righty pots, as they did back in the day when they were new.

Pre-repair and post-repair images:


Here’s a chance to save thousands on a beautiful R0 that you can feel comfortable gigging with. And on to the guitar …

It’s a gorgeous Gibson Custom Shop R0 1960 Les Paul made-to-measure with a hand picked highly figured top and finished in a dirty lemon burst VOS. The guitar has Custom Bucker Alnico III unpotted pickups, a comfortable 1960 Slim Taper neck carve, hide glue fit top and fingerboard, and historic Lifton style case with all case candy, certificate of authenticity booklet. Killer top, super flame. 8 3/4 pounds of Historic tone.

Gibson sez:

“1960 was the last year for the original Les Paul™ Standard, nearly identical to a 1959 model except for a few specs. Most notably, it features a fast-playing slim neck profile, beloved by the many famous musicians who played ’60 Bursts including Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, and Paul McCartney. It also has “reflector” Volume & Tone knobs and wider “double-ring” tuner tips. The Custom Shop 1960 Les Paul Standard Reissue is a clone of the originals from the hide-glue construction to the chemically re-engineered plastic parts. Each one is built with extreme care, reverence and attention to detail by expert Custom Shop craftspeople who are committed to providing an authentic vintage ownership experience.”

Condition: Repaired (see description); Body: Mahogany; Color: Factory Burst VOS; Pickups: Custom Buckers; Scale: 24.75