Here’s a new Gibson Custom Shop R4 1954 Les Paul in double gold gloss finish.  The guitar has Custom Soapbar P90, a fat 50s rounded C neck carve, wraparound tailpiece, hide glue fit maple top and fingerboard, CTS 500K audio taper potentiometers, paper-in-oil capacitors and historic Lifton style case with all case candy, and certificate of authenticity booklet. Weighs in at a comfortable 8.5 poundsof  historic Gibson tone. Gibson sez:

“From Freddie King to Jeff Beck, many great pickers have been attracted the unique character of the “wraparound” tailpiece of a 1954 Les Paul Goldtop. Some believe its direct link to the body stud screws maximizes sustain while others believe the wraparound bar creates a distinct tonality and vocal quality. Whatever the case, there is certainly something special about this early year in the Les Paul Model’s history and Gibson Custom Shop created this ’54 Reissue to perfectly recapture the look, feel, and tone of the originals.”

Condition: Gloss; Body: Mahogany; Color: Double gold; Pickups: Custom soapbar P90s; Scale: 24.75; Weight: 8 pounds 8 ounces; Orientation: Left-handed (of course)