This 2022 70th Anniversary R9 started life as a regular Gibson Custom Shop Historic, but was sent to Historic Makeovers to be completely reworked into a masterpiece. It received their Deluxe package, finished in aged black with a Brazilian rosewood fretboard, and was delivered in August of 2023 to the original owner, who liked it so much he is now doing a trio of  58/59/60 Historics in matching finishes, so this one has become available. A Gibson aged R9 with Brazilian goes for almost $20,000 new … so save yourself a ton of money — and get a more nuanced and correct build, to boot.

“The Deluxe package includes a re-carved top to vintage spec, reshaped neck to vintage “C” shape, and use hot hide glue to install a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard with correct binding ledge and inlay routs. We inlay the fingerboard with our exclusive 1950’s style cellulose nitrate inlays, and install frets. The fingerboard and guitar body are bound with our Royalite binding and the fingerboard binding edges are rolled. The guitar is completely refinished with aniline dyes and unplasticized nitro-cellulose lacquer in a vintage correct finish. The package includes a Vintage Patina  with weather-checking and aging. We also re-stamp the serial number in a correct 50’s typeface.”

We can pretty much guarantee that you are not going to see another guitar  like this one. With original Lifton style hardshell case, hang tags, 70th Anniversary badge, and both Gibson and Historic Makeovers certificates of authenticity. Original tuners were replaced with Grovers.

Condition: Aged by Historic Makeovers; Body: Mahogany; Color: Aged black; Pickups: Custom Buckers; Scale: 24.75