Jerry Garcia’s Doug Irwin guitars are rock and roll icons; Matt Moriarty is widely regarded as building the finest detailed replicas out there. To the best of my knowledge, Matt is not accepting any new commissions. This guitar is known as the Wolf, which Garcia played with the Grateful Dead and various side projects¬† from 1973-1975, 1977-1979 and occasionally thereafter as a backup guitar. The guitar has the typical “hippie sandwich” construction of multiple laminates. The core is purpleheart, the top and back are quilted maple. The construction is neck through, with a flamed maple neck with purpleheart inserts and an ebony fretboard with banjo-style inlays. This particular guitar is a hybrid of the 1973 appointments (chrome pickguard, no body inlays, peacock headstock inlay, removable Wolf decal) with later electronics that Garcia was known for — DiMarzio Super II pickups (DiMarzio SDS-1 at the neck), 5-way Strat style switching, onboard unity gain buffer (Mike Wald) and onboard effects loop that allows you to send the guitar signal from the pickups at full strength out of the guitar to your pedals, then back into the guitar before the master volume, so your effects always see full signal and the guitar volume becomes, essentially, a volume pedal. This is done with a TRS stereo cable. The guitar is hefty, which is one of the secrets to Garcia’s fat tone, it weighs 10 pounds 4 ounces. This is Garcia’s tone in your hands. High quality Ameritage case.

Condition: Used, excellent; Body: Quilted maple back/top, purpleheart core; Neck: Flamed maple/purpleheart, ebony fretboard, brass nut, 9.5 radius; Nut: 1.650; Color: natural; Pickups: DiMarzio Super II, DiMarzio SDS-1; Scale: 25.5; Orientation: Lefthanded (of course)