Nik Huber says “The Krauster totally nails the sound and sheer power of raw music — disguised as a plain, down-to-earth guitar, the Krauster comes proudly stripped of everything but the very essence of rock.” He is not kidding. There is something about this guitar, with its single pickup and simple volume control. Plug it into your favorite tube amp and crank it up. Massive tones. You can easily control the breakup of the amp with the volume control and Nik put a secret weapon in there for you — a coil tap pull for the volume control. Play some nice, crunchy rhythm tones with the single coil and when you’re ready to solo, slam down the volume pot and start wailing. What a great guitar. Who needs more? This is done in Nik’s worn onyx finish, with a fat, curly maple neck and satin finished back. Light as a feather — just under 7 pounds — but massive sustain from that big neck. Contoured body. This guitar has a Bare Knuckle handwound humbucker installed, but comes with the original Huber pickup as well. Soft-sided case and certificate of authenticity.

Condition: Very good …two nicks (or should I say Niks) in the top, on either side of the bridge. Fits in well with the worn finish.; Top: Mahogany worn onyx; Body: Mahogany; Neck: Curly maple, East Indian rosewood fretboard; Nut: 1.687; Scale: 25; Pickups: Bare Knuckle humbucker with coil tap; Retail: $3945