Here is a rare lefty PRS Private Stock SC58 with a terrific quilted maple top. I picked the woods for this guitar last summer at the factory. We chose a black limba back with matching back plates, and a ziricote neck with a ziricote fingerboard. The bird inlays and Private Stock eagle were done in black lip mother of pearl with white mother of pearl outlines. The guitar has 58/15 LT (low-turn) pickups, a 24.5 scale, and weighs under 9 pounds. Stunning guitar. High gloss nitro finish, lifetime warranty and a Private Stock brown leather case.

Condition: New Body: Black limba, Private Stock grade quilted maple top; Neck: ziricote, Pattern carve, ziricote fretboard; Color: Frostbite Glow; Pickups:58/15 LT; Scale: 24.5; Lefthanded guitar (of course)