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Here is a lightly reliced “journeyman” version of Eric Clapton’s signature Strat. This one is in aged white blonde with an alder body.

Mirroring Eric Clapton’s personal specs, the original Eric Clapton Signature model born in the Fender Custom Shop just got cooler with a new Journeyman Relic finish. Offering a special soft V-shaped maple neck, three Vintage Noiseless™ pickups, blocked tremolo and Clapton’s signature on the headstock—along with the smooth feel and authentic sound of the original—the Journeyman Relic Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster is one of our finest creations.

What really makes this guitar special is Eric’s electronics setup … on the three knobs you have a master volume control, a “TBX” master tone circuit with a center detent (that also works on the bridge pickup unlike a typical Strat setup) and an active mid boost circuit, which gives you from 0 – 25 dB of boost. Ever wondered about the secret to Clapton’s tone? Now you have it in your hands.

The real magic is in the mid boost circuit. Set it at zero and you have straight classic Strat tones. You can turn it up a little bit to thicken your sound, or crank it up more to start overdriving the front end of your amp. Turning it up all the way is a major boost, and a quiet one due to the Vintage Noiseless pickups. Really increase the tonal palette on the guitar and how it reacts with your amp and pedals.

The TBX circuit is actually a dual pot that works as a low pass filter in one direction and a high pass filter in the other. A normal tone control rolls off treble only. This tone control allows you to roll off the lows or roll off the highs, so you can have a clear, bright tone, or the deep, bassy “woman” tone that Eric is noted for. With Custom Shop case, certificate of authenticity, cable, strap, etc.

Condition: New; Body: Alder, 1-ply parchment pick guard; Neck: Maple, Clapton soft V carve, 9.5 radius; Nut: 1.650; Color: aged white blonde; Pickups: Vintage Noiseless; Scale: 25.5; Orientation: Lefthanded (of course)

Out of stock

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