This lightly played Gibson Custom Shop 57 reissue Les Paul Junior is pure rock and roll … one pickup, one volume, one tone control. Set your tube amp for some nice breakup with the pots wide open, then let your touch and the pots take you home. Classic looks with a VOS nitro finish and vintage burst, wrap tailpiece, custom shop case, and certificate of authenticity. Rock on.

Gibson sez:

“In guitar lingo, being “ruined” is when you play something so good, there’s no going back to what you once had. No Gibson guitar has evoked this expression more than the Les Paul Junior. In the 1950s it was sold as a student/budget model — as simple as a set-neck electric guitar could be. But after a while, the humble Les Paul Junior caught the ear of professional guitarists who appreciated its sonic purity and minimalist components. Gibson Custom Shop has proudly kept the recipe the same for this Historic Reissue. From the solid mahogany and hide glue construction to the vintage-style wiring, the classic Les Paul Junior is back…and ready to “ruin” you.”

Condition: VOS, near mint; Body: Mahogany; Color: Vintage burst; Pickups: Black Dog-ear P90; Scale: 24.75